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Healing Tribe Community & Innerswim presents monthly healing circles in Windsor, Ontario. We will be presenting a variety of healing modalities, healers, as well as various methods of entertainment. 

Virtual events are to come.

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to pre-reserve your ticket to any one of our events. 

Events you can become a part of:

  • Women's Healing Circle (June, 2022)
  • Open Healing Circle (June, 2022)
  • Musical Healing Weekend (July, 2022)
  • Silent Retreat Weekend (July, 2022)
  • Yoga Connection Weekend (August, 2022)
  • Connection Weekend (August, 2022)
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The Healing Tribe Community

Often times I am left wondering, why in our world, it is not common knowledge to know the true information on how the body works and how to keep our body healthy for our own individual standards. Truly it should be knowledge of the majority of the population of how to heal oneself and how to maintain a healthy state of being. This should be knowledge and information that is actively and positively instilled in our youth and in extension, all of our population. This will create the opportunity to increase the efficiency of the quality of our lives and in turn the quality of our economies, our cultures, which feed back into one another.

I wrote this book because I wish that there was a book like this at the time when I was going through one of most difficult, darkest, most heart wrenching time in my life. I wish I had a guide like this to help me through my spiritual awakening, so, I hope this can be that for you.

This book is for anyone who is interested and called to learning and living a life based on personal experiences for the purpose of growth. It is also for those wishing to use those experiences to build your individual life and influence those around you in a positive way, with people who share a common understanding and a common goal of living a life based on thriving, nourishing and caring for one another. For those who want to make the world a better and brighter, more abundant place to exist.

This book is for the truth seekers.

It brings many topics to light that have gone unnoticed or overlooked for far too long. Some topics across the ocean, and some in your backyard.

I have dedicated a large portion of my life traveling the world and gathering information to bring it all for you here in this book.

By combining my experiences both internally and externally, connecting science with spirituality, and outlining the things that worked for me in terms of getting through difficult times and traumas and growing from them, I have outlined for you a guide. This creation outlines ways that can potentially resonate and help with you on your healing journey. I hope that this will help pave the path for you to make your journey a little smoother, and little more enjoyable.

It is important to recognize how deeply precious and true spirituality is to maintaining a healthy life on a deeply biological level, and needs to be incorporated into our culture more and more at a growing rate. It is important for women and men all over the world to start sharing, communicating and teaching the messages they have learned and have to give. By sharing their messages of truth, it allows for more people to learn and understand that maybe there are others like them, and just maybe there are other, more sustainable ways and paths to live and to create good in the world. By sharing our messages, we allow the opportunity for people to come together and strengthen the voice of what is important in the world now and what needs changing.

Change for the better.

Remembering what your mission is and why it is important is the most important thing, whatever that may be!

Nothing can stop you if you remember your mission and remember your reasons.

I hope to empower you through my words and experiences!

Coming 2023! 

Holistic counselling is a unique form of counselling, focused on a person in their entirety; it considers physiological and psychological disorders as parts of a greater whole, and regards the mind, body and spirit as fundamentally interconnected.

We first asses the potential underlying causes to the disease or issue, and then create a treatment plan to treat the issues at the root cause. We look at history, lifestyle, thoughts, feelings, diet, medication, etc. We will assess for treating your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

Benefits of holistic treatment:

- direct hand in treatment to be included and consulted every step

- it's inexpensive --> spend the same amount and shift the things you spend money on to more sustainable resources.

- it's progressive, multi-level integrating of alternative therapies and treatments are effective, non-invasive and ensure lowest possible risk

- be seen as a person and not a disease

- preventative in nature as it is aiming to reduce the risk of possible future health issues

- it's proactive, with the aim of maintain a good health status

- it's sustainable due to the gradual cumulative progression of the therapy matching the client's needs

4 reasons to incorporate overall holistic health wellness into your life!

1. Develops Perception Clarity

- Allows you to better understand your own perspectives and outlooks of life and how to integrate them in your life moving forward

- You allow yourself to courageously journey down the soul path that is best fit for you to travel

2. Elevates Your Mood

- By ensuring and perceiving energetic alignment, this correlates to your physical and mental well being. We are all made up of energy. Physical and mental imbalances are manifestations of the primary issue of misaligned energy and trauma

3. Develops Subconscious & Unconscious Healing

- By working with the subconscious and unconscious mind, we get to heal ourselves on the deepest level which is the basic foundation of building and developing your spirituality and intuition

4. Improves Overall Health

- By fully understanding your spiritual self and integrating that to living the sovereign life that is the BEST fit for YOU, You will begin to see overall improvements in your physical and mental health and well being

- By understanding your own body you ensure the best diet and endeavors that are best for your growth, and are separate from outside influences. 

Unlock your inner artist!

1. Improves Your Mental State

- Increases mental ability to focusing
- Aids in intuition development
- Allows for more effective processing of information, decision making, problem solving and cutting out distractions

2. Improves Clarity For Your Creative Abilities

- Allows for clearer insights to the creative realms & ideas
- Less fear and doubt for creating your own tangible creatives

3. Elevates Your Mood

- Physiologically effects the brain to aid with anxiety, stress, and depression
- Elevated serotonin production elevates mood

4. Develops Subconscious & Unconscious Healing

- By targeting the subconscious aspects that we unconsciously suppress, it allows for a release of old patterns and traumas
- By rewiring the way the subconscious mind works, we can allow for better processing of future stressful events
- Our subconscious & unconscious mind affects our reality so by healing and clearning any blocks, we allow for more fluidity in our reality creations

5. Improves Overall Health

- Improves heart rate and breathing rate management
- Decreases inflammation within the body
- Increases mitochondrial energy production and consumption which correlates to having more energy
- Creates improvements in immune system function and dealing with stress

Watch Dr. Pradip Jamnadas​ speak about The INSANE BENEFITS Of Fasting & Foods Your Need To STOP EATING!

4 Benefits of Holistic Nutrition & Detoxing

1. Better Organ And Internal System Function - by allowing the body a chance to cleanse & detox, it allows less congestion and backup, giving the organs a chance to efficiently function without the stress of having over consumption and trying to the process food through your body. - the diet feeds a more probiotic rich diet alleviating symptoms and pain of arthritis and other progressive degenerative diseases

2. Better Overall Health - studies show people who eat plant based diets (or minimal poultry) tend to have lower rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, decrease chances of getting cancer, lower body mass index and improve overall cholesterol - long term studies of people following plant based or minimal poultry diets tend to live 10-20 years longer than those who eat red meat on a regular basis - plant based diets tend to be overall richer in nutrients

3. Improves Mental Abilities - research shows that a long term holistic/plant based diet slows the progression of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other brain degenerative diseases. Overall reduction in risk of cognitive impairment

4. Contributes to Improving the Environment - a plant based/holistic diet tends to have a lighter impact on the environment. The lack of meat consumption requires less energy to produce and sustain measures of consuming meat.

Eating mainly fruits, vegetables and nuts require less energy for production and are more naturally sustainable.

Studies show holistic therapy comes with many benefits on a physiological level as well as a psychological level.

Holistic therapy helps to:

- reduce blood pressure

- improve digestion and gut function

- improve circulation

- decrease risk of heart disease

- improve cognitive function

- improve energy levels

- improve hormone production & elevates mood

For a lot of people, treatment will be instantaneous. Small bouts of relief and healing will occur in person during sessions. In order to maintain these moments of healing and clarity, it is important to stay committed to your therapy program. For others, they will need more time to see more transformative results and to sustain a longer program for deeper, more innate progress.

If you are dedicated to your program, consistent weekly sessions are recommended while completing a therapy program. These appointments will aid in integrating the concepts and methods used in session that when used in your daily life, create your sustainable, long term healing results.

The weekly sessions allow you to realign you with your healing goals and examine your progress that you had made with the therapist/practitioner in your session and out of session. It also helps to ensure you are properly integrating the methods into your daily life for optimal healing and progression.

After your program is complete, checking in with your practitioner via routine monthly or bi-monthly appointments are important towards your progress in therapy.

Communication and regular visits with your practitioner is one of the best ways to ensure you are following your therapy programs efficiently.

With everything going on in the world, it can be hard to keep our nervous system from overworking. We are all trying our best to deal with the world we live in currently, and with our meditation, sound and breath therapy session, we aim to dedicate 30min-1 hour to calming our nervous system and our mind.

Now offering parent and child co-sessions as well as individual sessions!

There is a psychological and physiological response to the body when the mind is calm, and our goal and aim is to achieve a somatic (body and mind) response to bring the body's nervous system to a relaxed state. This is done through a combination of sound and meditation to relax the mind, which brings a rhythmic breathe which leads to our physiological response of a calmed nervous system.

The blocked emotional and physical elements are cleared.

There are a number of benefits to be gained including:

- relaxation you when you are stressed

- brings about deep relaxation

- centers your thoughts when you are confused

- energizes you when you feel drained

- calms you and your nervous system

- focuses your mind and helps you to solve problems

- relieves pain

- accelerates natural healing of wounds

- improves health and mental clarity

- dissolves energy blockages

- releases emotional wounds

- increases the vibrational frequency of the body

- helps change negative conditioning & behavior

Meditation and sound in combination help to rewire the brainwaves and in correlation help to stimulate and produce more of the hormones that cause positive emotional reactions in the body. Hertz used with the calming and focusing of the mind can help to relieve many physiological issues as calming of the mind follows by calming of various different system within the body allowing for an overall calmer effect for the person engaging in the therapy activity.

Of course! For the higher priced services, we definitely have different payment options that make sense for you. This way you can invest in yourself without putting yourself in a tough financial situation!

Just email us at to arrange payment options.

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